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Margeret Carter

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Margeret Carter

About Margeret Carter

Margaret Carter is a refreshing interior designer in the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County market. Open, communicative, and friendly—she approaches design in a highly professional, yet personal manner. Her vivid life, natural talent, distinctive style, and ability to intuitively read her clients has made Margaret a successful interior designer for more than 18 years.

Margaret decided to break away from a career in medical sales and tap into her entrepreneurial spirit and her passion for interior design. Growing up in both Connecticut and London, she acquired a sense of design from an early age. As a young girl in Connecticut, she went on weekend antique excursions with her parents. As a teenager in London, she developed a sense of minimalist style and a passion for the historic preservation of Chelsea style homes. Elements of both of these locales are blended seamlessly in Margaret’s signature style: a contemporary marriage of space, light and color. Combining her design intuition with her experience in long-term customer service, she began professionally designing homes in Telluride, CO, as principal of Carter Home Collection. After a successful decade of design, Margaret has now come back to her roots on the East Coast.

Since most of her training has come from working in the field, Margaret has developed very practical knowledge of the industry. She takes a hands-on approach to design that manifests itself in her close client relationships and financial openness. Her clients can see how much they’re saving through her, which allows everyone to comfortably and openly communicate about the financials of the project.

Stellar communication skills, direct and honest business style, and an obsession for customer service: these are the pillars of Margaret Carter Interiors.